here are many reasons that our clients might want to keep their time with us under wraps. These can range from personal concerns and relationship issue to professional obligations and safety needs. While there are many reasons that one of our clients might want to keep their time with us clandestine, there is only one rule that governs the identifying information of your peers in our substance abuse treatment facility: keep any details to yourself. This creates an environment of privacy and discretion that is essential in order to create a perfectly comfortable atmosphere in which our clients can focus on addiction recovery.


During the duration of your time with us, you won’t have to worry about whether or not any of your information is being shared with the outside world. Your peers in the addiction recovery facility will be bound to the privacy rules in the same way you are. As such, your personal information will not be released to any third party without your express consent. We want you to feel secure while you’re undergoing treatment here at Genesis Treatment Center, and that’s part of the reason we emphasize your privacy.
In addition to ensuring other clients keep your private information to themselves, our staff has also received comprehensive training on keeping sensitive information to ourselves. We recognize that sometimes it can be difficult to determine which information is most important for clients to keep private, so we hedge our bets and ensure all of your information is kept in confidence.  

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